Sunday, November 30, 2014

It's Cyber Sale Time!

Are you ready for the sale?  I know I am!  I have some serious clip art to buy!  The cyber sale is Monday and Tuesday December 1-2.  Don't forget to use the code TPTCYBER at checkout!
Here are some holiday and winter products that I am highlighting for the sale.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Gingerbread Man Exchange

My class is participating in a gingerbread man exchange.  They were so excited!  I gave them each a blank gingerbread man to decorate.  I think they were inspired by the disguised turkeys we made recently because a lot of them disguised their gingerbread men!  I guess they were afraid they would get eaten!  Sweet kids! Spiderman was my favorite.  Here is a picture of our class letters and gingerbread men.  They will be mailed this weekend! Happy travels gingerbread men!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

We've been busy!!!

The holidays are a busy time of home and at school!  My 2nd graders have been creating some Thanksgiving themed activities.  Now that break has started, we will be moving on to Christmas activities.

During my search for activities, I came across the most adorable stand up turkey by Whimsy Workshop Teaching!  My kids enjoyed creating their turkeys.  They will look adorable on their Thanksgiving tables this Thursday.  We also created our hand prints on a turkey poem.  My students have been making these hand print poems for many years.  I laminate them so parents can save them from year to year and hang them on their refrigerators.  I have had parents come back, years later, and tell me that they still have these turkey hand prints as a keepsake.  Lastly, we disguised some turkeys!  Some of my students really got creative with this one!  Melissa Dailey created an adorable product that includes examples of disguised turkeys!  A lot of fun and something I will use year after year.

To see the products these activities came from just click the links below.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Hedgehog Bakes a Cake

My 2nd graders have been reading the story Hedgehog Bakes a Cake.  Today, we made Hedgehog cakes in our classroom.  I have been making these cakes in my classroom for many years and they are always a big hit! 

These cakes can be used for any story that includes a cake. When I taught kindergarten, my students made the same cakes for the story Bunny Cakes.  

Let me know how these cakes work for your students.  If you have a different story to use please let me know!  I'd love to hear your ideas and even see some photos!    

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Back to School Freebie! Do Not Disturb Folders!

Hi all!  Here is a Back to School Freebie just for you!

Here are the directions to create 'Do Not Disturb' folders for your classroom! Enjoy!

1) Print the pages you need.  I have included each one in color and in black and white.

 2) You will need two file folders.  They can be any color!
 3) A glue stick, two folders, and one printable is needed for one set.
 4) Glue the two folders together by overlapping them.
 5) Glue the printable on the backside center.

 6) Laminate for durability.
 7) Make one for each child in your class.
I have a class set of 25 made.  You never know how many kids you will have from year to year and a set of 25 has always been plenty for my classroom.  A class set stores beautifully upright in a tub.  If laminated, they will last for years.  I use them during tests and for students who need some quiet, private time while they are working.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

November Currently!

I listen to TV shows ALL THE TIME!!!  I am so busy creating products, pinning, working on facebook and Instagram that I don't have time to watch TV.  I only have time to listen.  I am currently listening to Bones!  I have seen, or should I say listened to, every single episode since day one.

I love my dog.  His name is Logan and he brings our family a lot of fun and joy!  Here we are together!

I have tons and tons of work to do!  I have a long list of ideas for products, but I can't ever seem to catch up!  I am constantly working on something!  I love it, but I wish I could work faster.

I want more time a longer weekend.  There is so much I want to accomplish!

I need to exercise more.  At one point in my life, I walked every single day.  I really want to do that again.  I really NEED to do that again!  My health needs it.

I used to read every single night before bed.  Then, TpT came along.  I rarely read for fun now.  But that's ok, I love, love, love what I do!!!  I am reading The Phantom Tollbooth to my 2nd graders.  Awesome book!  I never read it as a child, so I am enjoying reading it out loud to my kids!

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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Halloween Fun!

We had so much fun during Halloween week!  My class used Proud to be Primary's Halloween Fun Pack!  It was loaded with wonderful activities!  So many, that I couldn't even get to everything I wanted to do!  I love that!!!  Lots and lots of great choices!!!  Here are some photos of my kiddos doing some of the great activities.

At the bottom, you will see photos of my kids working on Halloween math task cards, which are a freebie in my store.  Click here to grab it!  Halloween is fun, but exhausting!  Next, comes Thanksgiving! Stay tuned for some awesome Thanksgiving products and ideas!