Sunday, November 29, 2015

Wishlist Linky

Are you ready for the Teachers Pay Teachers Sitewide sale? I always look forward to it! I know I have a lot of items on my wishlist ready and waiting! 

I've linked up with 'Teaching in the Tongass' to share some of our most wishlisted items from our stores. Here are mine!
This is my Coin Book and Posters product. It is actually an oldie but goodie! It is one of my first products that has been updated and has remained popular. It is simple enough for the younger learners to use. The posters are colorful and have the look of real money which is helpful. I also have other products related to money in my store.

I love this product because of the glitter look! My Sun and Planets product includes a section on Pluto that is optional for those of you interested. It includes a wealth of info on the planets for your students!

'I Can Figure it out' is my pride and joy! I loved this double-digit product so much that I created a single-digit version as well. Here is a blog post of the students working with the single-digit version.

I hope you find some wonderful products to purchase during the Cyber Smile Sale!

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Sunday, November 22, 2015

A Gift For You!

The Holiday season is approaching and near,
And I want to spread some Holiday Cheer!
So be on the lookout for something fun,
On December 1st you will love it a ton!

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Pick 3 for November

It's Pick 3 Time!!!  
Here are some of my November favorites!

I love watching Charlie Brown every year! If you remember, the Thanksgiving dinner served was toast, jellybeans, popcorn, and pretzels. How about serving that in your classroom and using it as a lesson? I love the idea!

Do you know why pinecones open and close? I think it would be fun to do an experiment in the classroom to teach the children about pinecones and their relationship to the weather. 

These corn crafts remind me of the ones I did as a child. I love art and I love to incorporate it in my classroom!

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Farley Link Up

It's time for the Farley Link-Up! 

Listening: I love to listen to the TV while I am work on the computer. Right now I am listening to the movie Peggy Sue got Married. Great movie!

Loving: My quiet time at home. Work has become ridiculously stressful for me and all my coworkers. I treasure my quiet non-stressful moments.

Thinking: About dinner! It is dinner time. I wish my husband would make me his famous nachos. They are so, so good!

Wanting: Thanksgiving Break! I will be visiting family and especially want to see my 3 little nieces. They are so cute!

Needing: A maid. With the stress at work I really don't have time to keep up with the house. I need that maid!!!

Yummy: This Saturday the North Carolina TpT group will be meeting and I will be bringing my famous cucumber sandwiches. They are yummy. I'll have to take pictures to share.