Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Reindeer Bags

Each year we make Christmas ornaments during our party. I want my students to have a cute bag to carry their ornaments home in to present to their parents. 

This year we made the reindeer bags!
Here is what you need:
white lunch bag (or brown if you want to skip the coloring)
brown and black crayons
cardstock circle for tracing
red paper (nose)
white paper (eyes)
brown paper (antlers)

Then just assesmble as shown in the pictures below. 

Monday, December 14, 2015

My Favorite Things Linky!

I found this linky and just had to join in the fun! Life gets hectic around the school and at home and this linky is a fun way to take a break! 
Thank you Southern Fried Teachin' for hosting!

Here are my favorite things!

1) Favorite Holiday Song: Bare Naked Ladies 'God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman/We Three Kings'
Click below to hear the song! It's wonderful!

2) Favorite Holiday Guilty Pleasure Food: 
Watergate Salad (aka Pistachio Delight). I love this and only have it at Thanksgiving and Christmas. It's yummy! Here is a recipe.

3) Favorite Holiday Tradition: We have a pickle ornament. Each year after my kids go to sleep on Christmas Eve we place the pickle ornament on the tree, but in a hidden area. The next day whichever one of our kids finds it first wins $5.00. The kids usually forget til midday and then all of a sudden one remembers and there is a mad dash to the tree to find it. It is hilarious to watch!

4) Favorite Holiday Book: I love 'The Mitten' because it can be read all winter long! It also has wonderful illustrations.

5) Favorite Holiday Act of Kindness: There is a church near my school that does the Alpine Village every year. They create a beautiful lighted Christmas village inside a gym. School children come and visit each little shop in the village. These wonderful people gave my students a book, stocking, toys, etc... They also get to sit on Santa's lap. It is a magical morning for the children!

6) Favorite Holiday Memory: Usually Christmas Day is a cold day. One Christmas it was as warm as a summer day! That particular Christmas I received a bicycle from Santa. I was able to ride it outside with all the other neighborhood children. Kids were everywhere riding bikes, skateboards, and their new skates!

7) Favorite Holiday Childhood Gift: I wasn't a child, but a teenager...does that count???  LOL My boyfriend (now husband) bought me a $100 Swatch Watch! I loved it!

8) Favorite Holiday Craft: My mother and Godmother made tons of home-made ornaments for our Christmas tree.  My mom's ornaments have tons of pins and sequins. My Godmother made ornament eggs...out of real eggs! All awesome and I still have them.

9) Favorite Holiday Movie: No contest! Santa Claus is Coming to Town! I grew up watching these movies! I love this part the best!

10) Favorite Place to Shop for Holiday Gifts: Online websites. Have you seen or

11) What I want Santa to Bring Me: New wedding rings. I currently have a gold set, but I would like a silver set.

12) Favorite Product: 
My pride and joy is my Modern Cursive Writing Pack. It can be used all year long!

I hope you enjoyed this linky!

Saturday, December 12, 2015

The 12 Days of Christmas is over!

Sadly, the 12 Days of Christmas has come to an end. I had a great time releasing each present each day. I received some wonderful feedback and am so grateful for everyone's kind words. It was an awesome experience I plan to repeat next Christmas! 

If you missed any of the presents, or are just now hearing about it, don't worry! It is not too late! All 12 are still available in my store. Just click here or the picture below to start on the 1st day. Scroll down in the description and you will see links to all the other days.


Sunday, December 6, 2015

Mailing out our Gingerbread Men!

My students have had a wonderul time creating their gingerbread men for the exchange! This year we really stepped it up and decorated with wiggly eyes, glitter, THE WORKS!!!  I think the kids did a great job! 

Last year we did a class letter, but this year I challenged my class to write their own individual letters. Each student was assigned to find a fact about our state to include in their letter. My class of 1st and 2nd graders researched and came up with some fabulous facts about North Carolina! 

Check out our facts and all our gingerbread men below!

North Carolina was the first state to declare independence from England with Mecklenburg Declaration of 1775. 

The Venus Fly Trap is only found in two American states, NC and SC, but is native to Hampstead, NC. 

Pepsi was invented and first served in New Bern, NC in 1898. 

In 1903, the Wright Brothers made the first successful powered flight by man at Kill Devil Hills near Kitty Hawk, NC. 

We live in Caldwell County. Parts of our county are anywhere from 900 feet above sea level to 6,000 feet above sea level.

Whitewater Falls in Transylvania County, NC is one of over 200 water falls on the east coast.

North Carolina is a southern U.S. state with a diverse landscape ranging from the Atlantic Ocean to the Appalachian Mountains. Chalotte is the state's largest city and is home to the NFL's Carolina Panthers.

The state of North Carolina was first in flight. The Wright brothers invented the plane and flew it at Kitty Hawk.

Cape Hatteras National Seashore on the coast of North Carolina is made up of Hatteras, Bodie, and Ocracoke Islands. It makes up one of the largest stretches of undeveloped seashore on the U.S. Atlantc Coast.

Pepsi was invented in North Carolina over 100 years ago in 1893.

North Carolina's largest county is Robeson County.

The smallest town in NC is Dellview and has a population of 13 and vies for the honor of smallest incorporated town in the U.S.

The world's smallest daily newspaper is the Tryon Daily Bulletin out of Tryon, NC.

Pepsi was first made in 1893 In New Bern, NC and it was called Brad's drink after its creator Caleb Bradhum. In 1898 it was renamed Pepsi Cola after the ingredients in the recipe pepsin and kola nuts.

North Carolina has a State Art Museum located in Raleigh, NC. 

The capital of North Carolina is Raleigh.

Mount Mitchell in the Blue Ridge Mountains is the highest peak east of the Mississippi. It towers 6,684 feet above sea level.

North Carolina's nickname is the Tarheel State.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

December Pick 3

(click on the picture)

Science has gone to the wayside in many of our public schools. Because of this I am trying my best to incorporate science in my classroom as much as possible. I like this one because I can use holiday colors.

(click on the picture)

Each year, my class makes Christmas ornaments to take home and keep forever. I am always on the look out for new ornaments. The one above is easy and adorable!

(click on the picture)

I love this idea for a holiday party at school or at home! 
Easy and fabulous!