Monday, March 7, 2016

Spill the Beans

Want to play Spill the Beans? This is a very popular game in my classroom! I know it will also become a favorite in yours! 

Here are the directions and everything you need to get started. As shown, by the picture below, you need to purchase some red/white bean counters. These can be found at Amazon and come in a bag of 200.

 Use a sharpie marker to write the letters of the alphabet on the white side of the beans. I used the scrabble game as my guide. 

Here is how many beans you need for each letter. 

A=18, B=4, C=4, D=8, E=24, F=4, G=6, H=4, I=18, J=2, K=2, L=8, M=4, N=12, O=16, P=4, Q=2, R=12, S=8, T=12, U=8, V=4, W=4, X=2, Y=4, Z=2  

(You will have a few beans left over to replace any beans that get lost.)

  The freebie cover comes in a color and a black and white version. Laminate the version of your choice and cut out. Wrap it around a half-size Pringles can and secure with tape. 
(Just a note: Dawn Dish Soap cleans the inside of the Pringles can very well!)

The freebie comes with a recording sheet for your students.

This game can be played with two or more students. Students get a small pile of beans. The children manipulate the beans to create words and record them on their recording sheets. The child who creates the most words wins. For a math center, buy a second set of beans and write math problems on each one.

What I love about this game is that every grade level can play it! Kindergarteners can work on simple word families while older students can create more complex words. Math can be simple addition or complex multiplication. 

I hope you and your students enjoy this game!

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