Saturday, January 2, 2016

How to Make Dice Last

If you're like me you have made some homemade paper dice sometime in your teaching career. Maybe it came in a book you bought at the teacher's store, a product you purchased at TpT, or you downloaded it off the internet. No matter how you got it I would bet that it didn't last long at all! I have had the same trouble...every single time! Of course this is a pain because sometimes I need customized dice to go with a specific skill or concept I am teaching. I am happy to say after many years of squished and busted dice I finally came up with a way to create it where it actually lasts!!! I would love to share it with you!

This is a dice I need for kids to practice trigraphs. The first thing I do is print the dice on heavier paper. The paper I chose was not cardstock. It was in between copy paper and cardstock in durability and heaviness. This made it easy to fold and easy to work with. I purchased it from staples in packs that came in a variety of colors. It is cheaper than cardstock and I have used it for other projects for my students also. Once you print your dice laminate it. It lamiates great and will help it last a long, long time! Cut your dice out and you are ready to go!

Next, fold your dice into a box as shown below. Use clear tape (or strong glue) to secure each edge from top to bottom. This is really important for durability and stability.

Now fill your dice with cotton balls. This will keep your dice from being squished by your students when they hold, roll, or throw the dice. 

Make sure to pack your dice with cotton balls well. Then secure the edges with tape.

Now your kiddos are ready to play! 
And best of all the dice will last!

I hope this blog post was helpful! If you are interested in the particular product this dice game came from it can be found by clicking here or the picture below.

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