Friday, October 2, 2015

Farley Link Up

It's that time! It's time to link up with Farley again!
Listening: I am so tired and sometimes just sitting in silence in the evening is so theraputic. 

Loving: I am lucky that I have a well-behaved class this year. I have a high group of 1st/2nd kids and I am thrilled that there are no problems with my wonderful babies!

Thinking: My husband and I have so many things to do this weekend. From errands to laundry we are going to be busy!

Wanting: We ordered a new custom couch! It is ready and we are picking it up Sunday. Horray! It's been ready for weeks, but our truck has been in the shop for 3 weeks! Ugghhh!!!  We have had to wait that long!

Needing: A personal assistant. Yep! I have way, way, way, way, WAY too much on my plate! I wish I had help. I would like a teacher assistant, a personal chef, a housekeeper, a gardener, a personal assistant, etc... That would all help so much!

Boo-tiful: I think pumpkins are boo-tiful! They are my favorite part of October. I love the seeds the best! They are yummy! 


  1. Having a great class makes everything so much more enjoyable! Hope you get some rest this weekend on your awesome new couch! Enjoy October :)


  2. I think we are thinking the same thing!!! :)

  3. Hope that couch comes soon (or you have no more delays in getting it)! I love roasting pumpkin seeds after we have counted and discovered that the biggest pumpkin doesn't always have the most seeds.

    Terri Izatt

  4. Hi Lynn! I am so totally getting some personal assistants soon! I am definitely looking at a housekeeper. I just cannot do it all! We also need a yard team! And I need a blog post never ends! Have a great October!
    Teachers Are Terrific!