Sunday, March 1, 2015

March Currently!

It's that time! Time to link up with Farley!

I love to listen to the TV or to Spotify while I work in the evenings or on the weekends, but I tend to work faster and better when there is just plain silence. Right now I can hear only the hum of the washing machine  in the back of the house. The dog is asleep at my feet and the rest of the family is off doing what they love to do. I do want to watch and listen to more House of Cards, but I will hold off for now. Anyone else watching that show?

Payday was Friday. So once a month we do one big grocery/supply shopping trip. That happened this morning.  Glad to be done with that. It’s a huge undertaking. We have done it this way for many, many years and it work well for us. The rest of the month we swing by the store when we need milk and bread…stuff like that.  But otherwise, we are done!

I am a pretty structured person. I like my schedule. I like my students to have a structured schedule. Every time I think we are back to normal it snows again. So I am looking at my schedule for this week and thinking ok, back to normal and my husband says that we might be interrupted by snow AGAIN!!! I am NOT a winter person.

There have been some things going on that have caused me some anxiety. After this week, things should be a bit better, especially after Monday.

Spring! Spring! Spring! I think I am at my best in warm sunny weather! I was born on a hot sunny day and it is where I thrive and belong!

Spring Break:
I will see some of my family during spring break which isn't until the week of Easter. You should see my nieces! They are so cute! To see photos, scroll to the top and click on the about me section of my blog.


  1. Grocery shopping done for a month? Well done!
    Your Spring Break sounds lovely; I hope you have a wonderful time!!

  2. I have such a love/hate relationship with snow! A snow day here or there can be great, BUT not if it messes with something major going on in the classroom! Luckily our district builds in three snow days, so we don't have to start making them up until day four. Glad you got your grocery shopping done! I love the feeling of full cupboards! :)

  3. how cute is your blog… I love the vintage camper… I want one of those so BAD!!! SO BAD it hurts!!! I am sorry you are having anxiety… i always find that a long good walk helps me… that or a margarita!!! hope everything works out… and thanks so very much for linking up!!!

  4. I agree with Farley- Walk to a place that has margaritas!!! My mom wants to go to NC for spring break. :)

  5. Wow! Grocery Shopping for a whole month! That requires some sort of organisation! I bet it is a big job but it would be worth it!
    Good luck this week - especially Monday!
    Teaching Maths with Meaning

  6. It has been snowing all day here! I am in need of spring soooooo badly! I am wondering if my flowers are going to even come up!


  7. Wow grocery shopping for the month? That would be a dream. My teenagers and 7 year old eat us out of house and home every 3 days and I try to shop for the week at least. It never happens. I love in Ohio and we have gotten another 4 inches of that white stuff today. Booo! Well spring is about 18 days away,

  8. We keep having to drive to school is less-than-safe conditions, so I'd be thankful for some snow days here (we have a lot of delays). I'd be especially thankful for Spring! Have a wonderful week, Jen

  9. I need spring, too, Lynn! We are having a snow day today and school is already canceled for tomorrow! It's not really snow- just ice. I think the whole USA is in the same shape and we all need a change soon! I totally agree that being off a regular schedule is awful! Maybe next week will bring some sunshine your way!
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