Tuesday, February 24, 2015

"What's in my Cart?" Link Up!

Hello everyone! I am home here in North Carolina for another snow day! On the one hand I get to work on my blog and my TpT products, but on the other hand it really messes up my structured schedule and plans in my classroom. Do you ever feel torn like that?
Well today I am linking up with Stephanie over at Mrs. D's Corner. She had a fabulous idea to share what is in our carts for the TpT sale this week! If you are like me you have tons of items in your wishlist all the time! I'd like to show you some products that are in my wishlist and are taking the trip to my cart this Wednesday! They are wonderful products that you are going to want to snatch up! So let's get started!

If you teach 2nd, 3rd, or 4th grade you have to grab this product from Mrs. D's Corner! It is Theodor Seuss Geisel's biography created in a lapbook style. I love this! And here is what is great about it! 1) It has color photos to help you create it step by step with your kids. 2) It is geared towards the older children. 3) It gets you away from the usual coloring pages and little kids stuff that we tend to do for Dr. Seuss' birthday. This is for the big kids. I love it! (I know I already said this, but I do!)

If you are looking for clip art Glitter Meets Glue just released the most adorable Easter Candy clip art ever! And how can you resist the glitter! I just love it! She also has some other wonderful sets that you just can't resist! (Trust me, I know!)

I can't get enough clip art! I found this clip art artist recently named Classroom Doodle Diva and her work is starting to fill up my wishlist and cart. I love this dice so much! What great clip art to use for a math product! It is the most adorable set! Check her out!

Simply Skilled in Second makes awesome flip flap books! Her most recent is for Healthy Teeth! If you have never tried any of her flip flap books you need to. She also has a video showing how they work. The kids really enjoy creating them. They are a lot of fun!

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  1. Thanks for showing the good doctor some love :) And thank you for linking up!