Tuesday, December 30, 2014

New Year's Resolutions!

Hello everyone!  I am linking up with Jessica over at The 2nd Grade Nest to talk about this year's resolutions.

I achieved my goal of receiving my masters degree and also an add-on license in gifted education.  But my whole goal in doing so is to move on to another position and move out of the classroom.  That is still my goal.  I've been working on this goal for some time.  I will get there!!
I want to exercise more.  I need to walk regularly.  In my younger years, I was a runner.  I wish I hadn't given that up.
One of my biggest regrets is that I have never learned to played a musical instrument.  I'm thinking of taking violin lessons.
I would love to visit the west coast and see the Pacific Ocean.  I have never seen it and would love to!

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