Friday, January 1, 2016

My Goals for 2016

On the first of the year I always reflect back on the previous year. What were the positives? What could I have done better? Then I look forward. I always wonder what will happen this year. Will someone have a new job opportunity? Will there be a new baby in the family? Vacations? The list goes on. Of course, like everyone else, I want everything to go well without setbacks. Without failures.

Goal #1 
Unfortunately, I suffer from a lot of food allergies. All are adult onset. The postives of this is that I have to avoid the foods that I shouldn't have anyways. But I am still very limited. I am always on the lookout for new foods that my body can handle. This year I would like to find some recipes to replace some old favorites that are allergy friendly for me. 
Goal #2
Play more, work less!!! These past two years have been very heavy on me! The extra work has taken a toll on my personal life. I have not had the time to enjoy what I love such as my family, traveling, reading, and quilting. It shouldn't be like that. There should be a balance. Instead everything has shifted to one side. 

Goal #3
Clean and organize my house. Ugghhh!!!! I need a maid I think. Someone to come in once a month to clean for me. I want to simplify and look forward to downsizing to a smaller house also. Why do we feel like we need so much stuff?
Goal #4
I love creating products to help other teachers! I want to continue that for 2016, but make that even better! It warms my heart when teachers send me photos or messages telling me how much I have helped them. My goal is to improve that practice to the best of my ability.

Come link up with Stephanie from Principal Principles to share your 2016 goals. 

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