Monday, December 14, 2015

My Favorite Things Linky!

I found this linky and just had to join in the fun! Life gets hectic around the school and at home and this linky is a fun way to take a break! 
Thank you Southern Fried Teachin' for hosting!

Here are my favorite things!

1) Favorite Holiday Song: Bare Naked Ladies 'God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman/We Three Kings'
Click below to hear the song! It's wonderful!

2) Favorite Holiday Guilty Pleasure Food: 
Watergate Salad (aka Pistachio Delight). I love this and only have it at Thanksgiving and Christmas. It's yummy! Here is a recipe.

3) Favorite Holiday Tradition: We have a pickle ornament. Each year after my kids go to sleep on Christmas Eve we place the pickle ornament on the tree, but in a hidden area. The next day whichever one of our kids finds it first wins $5.00. The kids usually forget til midday and then all of a sudden one remembers and there is a mad dash to the tree to find it. It is hilarious to watch!

4) Favorite Holiday Book: I love 'The Mitten' because it can be read all winter long! It also has wonderful illustrations.

5) Favorite Holiday Act of Kindness: There is a church near my school that does the Alpine Village every year. They create a beautiful lighted Christmas village inside a gym. School children come and visit each little shop in the village. These wonderful people gave my students a book, stocking, toys, etc... They also get to sit on Santa's lap. It is a magical morning for the children!

6) Favorite Holiday Memory: Usually Christmas Day is a cold day. One Christmas it was as warm as a summer day! That particular Christmas I received a bicycle from Santa. I was able to ride it outside with all the other neighborhood children. Kids were everywhere riding bikes, skateboards, and their new skates!

7) Favorite Holiday Childhood Gift: I wasn't a child, but a teenager...does that count???  LOL My boyfriend (now husband) bought me a $100 Swatch Watch! I loved it!

8) Favorite Holiday Craft: My mother and Godmother made tons of home-made ornaments for our Christmas tree.  My mom's ornaments have tons of pins and sequins. My Godmother made ornament eggs...out of real eggs! All awesome and I still have them.

9) Favorite Holiday Movie: No contest! Santa Claus is Coming to Town! I grew up watching these movies! I love this part the best!

10) Favorite Place to Shop for Holiday Gifts: Online websites. Have you seen or

11) What I want Santa to Bring Me: New wedding rings. I currently have a gold set, but I would like a silver set.

12) Favorite Product: 
My pride and joy is my Modern Cursive Writing Pack. It can be used all year long!

I hope you enjoyed this linky!

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  1. Thanks for linking up! I LOVE that song!! I wish they made a whole Christmas album. Oh, Swatches.....they were so awesome. Remember those colored rubber bands we would put on them?
    Southern Fried Teachin’