Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Math Centers

This year I will be teaching math in small groups so math centers will play a daily part of our math routine. If you have been reading previous posts you know that I have a combination class of 1st and 2nd graders. As they rotate through math centers they will come to one that involves a hands on activity such as a matching activity or a game.

Below are pictures of one of my favorites! The kids really enjoy it and it keeps that particular group engaged while I am working with my other group.

The students pick a card. In this particular case everyone is working on addition (I also have subtraction). At the top are three numbers. The students get those three number cards and now have to use their reasoning skills to determine which two of those numbers will equal the sum. When they have figured out the answer they record it on their sheet. This center is excellent for getting my students thinking!

If you are interested in this center it comes in single-digit addition and subtraction and double-digit addition and subtraction. Check it out by clicking on the pictures below or the words above. Happy teaching!

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