Sunday, September 6, 2015

I would like to introduce my class to you!

This is my 16th year teaching and my very first year teaching a combination class. Yep! You heard that right! I have a combination class of 1st and 2nd graders. I have taught both grade levels before just never together. I have already found it quite challenging. 

This didn't come about because we had too many and couldn't make another class in 1st and 2nd grade. We actually have three 1st/2nd grade combination classes. We are trying a new model out and we hope it works out well for the students. My class will be the acceleration group. We will be moving quickly. And we already have in math. With testing beginning Tuesday, Language Arts is off to a slow start, but as soon as it's over I will have my children off and running in that area also.

Luckily, every parent gave me permission for their child to be featured on my blog so you will be able to see my whole class throughout the year working on their activities. Being that I have two grade levels, I will be spending a great deal of time teaching in small groups and in centers. 

Each morning, my students come in and work on their morning work. There is a 20 minute window of time where the students are coming in from breakfast so it is vital that they have something to do. I was so, so very fortunate to find Emily Ames' morning work bundles! I looked all over TpT for morning work for my kiddos. Her product was not too easy and not too hard, but just right! I was very impressed that she included some additional pages for differentiation if I needed them. If you would like to see Emily's morning work products just click on the picture below.

For math this year, I decided I need to turn to Interactive Notebooks to help me with my small group instruction. Again, I went searching and found that Blair Turner had exactly what I was looking for. Everything I needed was there for the whole year! I purchased both grade levels and started using them right away. I love them! The kids love them! They really look forward to using them and I think that says it all! Just click the picture below to see all of Blair's Interactive Notebook Bundles.

I also turned to Jamie from Not So Wimpy Teacher for her Tools for Interactive Notebooks and for her ideas on setting up my math groups. Thank you Jamie!!!

So far the rest of the day has been handwriting, review, and some whole group lessons that both grade levels can do. As soon as testing is over we will begin reading groups. I plan on using Reading A-Z while the other two combination classes will be using other reading series we have in the building.

Well there you have it! An adorable photo of my kids at the top of this post (I didn't even tell them to pose!) and a run down of some what's happening in my class so far this year. More to come!

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  1. Hi Lynn,

    I truly look forward to seeing how your students grow through the year and how you manage and teach your combo class! I'm also very interested in the 1/2 model you're using at your school. Can't wait to see what this year brings. Truly honored that you've chosen to use my morning work packets in your class. I'd love to know how it goes with your students. = )