Saturday, August 1, 2015

Farley Link Up

I have been watching listening to The Strain. I actually have been binge watching the show. I say listening because I am on my computer at the same time. It's a great show if you haven't watched it!

Today was my youngest child's 18th birthday! He wanted to go to Olive Garden for his favorite food...spaghetti!  If you click on my Instagram symbol at the top of my blog you can see the neatest birthday gift we got him!

Thinking tomorrow will be awesome! Our wedding anniversary is Monday, but my husband and I will be celebrating tomorrow.We have been married 24 years. We are headed to Asheville to take a behind the scenes tour at The Biltmore House. We love going there!

I want more summer time!!!!  I really need more time to get everything done on my summer list. I only have a few weeks left. Plus, we didn't have enough time to travel!

I need to start setting up my classroom. (Sigh) It's time. I need to get in there and put everything back where it goes. I'm supposed to be doing a 1/2 combo class this year, but that may change and I really need to know like yesterday if it will.

I haven't thought about something for B2S, but I already have goodies planned for Christmas. My coworkers know I plan Christmas way in advance! Hopefully my principal will be planning something nice for B2S. I should probably remind her.


  1. Happy Birthday to your son and Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby!! I think every teacher wants MORE summer :)

  2. Happy almost anniversary! I can't believe you have Christmas goodies planned already- way to be ahead of the game!

    Hope you have a great day tomorrow!

    Mrs. Reed's Resource Room

  3. Love the idea that you already have some Christmas goodies planned! What a fun idea!! I haven't even thought about what I am getting my son for his birthday and it is next Sunday!!

    Mrs. 3rd Grade 

  4. Happy Anniversary! How fun to go to the Biltmore House. It's on my bucket list!!!