Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Pick 3 for June

It's pick 3 time!! For summer, we are choosing non-school related items. Here are my choices for the month of June. Click on each picture to visit the website this pin came from. Enjoy!

Does this not look yummy! This is a summer recipe I definitely want to try!

 I have made crockpot lasagna before and I love it! It's so easy! And I usually make mine and freeze it ahead of time. Then I throw it in the crockpot in the morning, turn it on, and go!

I just love that this lady made a different crockpot recipe every single day for a whole year! She has posted each of these recipes on her website. Summer is a great time to try out these recipes!


  1. That crockpot pic cracks me up! I've been wanting to get a crockpot (mine is actually packed away in storage back home) but my kitchen over here is teeny tiny and doesn't have room for one.
    Teaching Doodles

  2. The crackpot lady is the reason why I got into blogging! I was so interested in her blog and it opened a whole can of worms.

  3. I need to try that lasagna recipe. It sounds simple and delicious! Thanks for sharing and linking up!

  4. Hi Lynn!
    Thank you for your delicious pins! I know my girls would love the watermelon and lemonade drink! I will have to try it! Have a great summer :)
    Triple the Love In Grade 1

  5. My family loves crock-pot lasagna too! I use rotini pasta and just mix it all together. I don't even have to layer it. Still super good! I really need to check out that crock pot site. It's so easy to do. Thanks!!
    The Busy Busy Hive

  6. Love the ideas for the crockpot recipes. I love the crockpot, but I've only have 2 'go to' recipes so I'll definitely get some ideas this summer!

  7. Hmm... I never thought of making lasagne and freezing it before putting in crock pot before. That's a goodie. I'm going to check out the 365 crock pot recipes, too. Thanks, Kathleen
    Kidpeople Classroom

  8. I love my crockpot too! Always looking for good recipes!

  9. Love the recipe ideas! The crock pot is so simple, yet I always forget about it until I see great recipes like this one! Thank you so much for sharing and linking up! :)