Friday, May 1, 2015

Look What We've Been Up To!!!

We have been very busy in Mrs. Aydlett's 2nd grade! It's butterfly season and we have taken it by storm! I look forward to this time of year, not just because the kids get so excited, but because I enjoy it so much also! Even the principal enjoyed it by wishing our butterflies a happy birthday on the announcements when they emerged from their chrysalises! It really is a fun time!

We started out with the arrival of two cups of caterpillars.  They were tiny when they arrived, but then they ate and ate and ATE!!!!  Then they were huge!!!
As you can see, my kids loved to watch them. 
They could stare at them all day (and so could I!)
When they started forming their chrysalises we were in awe!

Each day, we waited...and waited...until finally the 1st one emerged! POP! Out came that butterfly! Talk about excitement! And we kept watching for more!

We could see their wings through the chrysalis and that;s when we knew when it was close for each one. Here is a butterfly that is letting it's wings dry. Beautiful!
While we watched our butterflies, we made a life cycle wheel, kept track in our observation book, and learned many new butterfly facts! 

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  1. Such fun! Your students are very lucky to get to experience this activity. Thank you for sharing :) I am your newest follower. I hope you get the chance to stop by my blog soon...