Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Teacher's Pet!

Hi all! I'm linking up with my fellow pet lovers and bloggers for a fun linky about our pets! Come join us!

This is our dog Logan. We rescued him from the pound. He loves to sleep under the covers and he also loves pillows!

This is Sox. He is very independent and not afraid of anything. He was once a great hunter and lost a leg in a tremendous battle. Now that he is retired he spends his days at the window watching birds or sleeping on the bed.

Here is Hurley. She is scared of everything and will hide whenever she hears the slightest sound. But Hurley has one admirable quality. She plays fetch. She has a toy frog that we throw and she will fetch it! She also carries that frog around with her like a doll.

I have products in my store that relate to pets especially cats and dogs! (click on the picture to check it out!)


  1. Lynn, I don't know which is more adorable- your pets or your pet themed products! So cute!

  2. Hurley, Sox and Logan are so adoarable! I am having so much fun perusing through all of the bloggers that have linked up in this linky party. The parade of pets is awesome! Thanks for sharing, Lynn....and I am your newest follower!

    Mind Sparks

  3. Love your fur babies! They are too cute. Glad you rescued them from the pound.