Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Valentine Exchange!

Last December, I participated in a Gingerbread Man Exchange so I jumped at the chance to participate in the Valentine Exchange hosted by PAWSitively Teaching.

My 2nd graders had a blast decorating their hearts and mailing them off. As the Valentines came in we placed them on our bulletin board and learned about each school, city, and state. What a great learning experience for my 2nd graders! 

Here is the picture of all the Valentines we have received! We have received all but two and I have left a space in the corner for the last two that we hope will arrive this week.

Here are the Valentines we mailed off. The kids loved decorating their Valentines and the envelopes they traveled in.

And here we are making our Valentines! I don't usually break out the glitter except at Christmas, but...well...here we are...glitter and all! They did come out cute!


  1. Nice seeing how you prepped for your exchange. We did it, too! See you around. Kathleen Kidpeople Classroom

  2. It's fun to see all the valentines! We must have been in a different exchange...I don't see mine! I'll keep looking! Thanks for sharing all of yours.

  3. Love your display! I blogged a little about it, and will include a photo of the finished display in my next post.