Friday, January 30, 2015

Product Swap!

Thank you Melissa for hosting this product swap!

I have had a great time product swapping with Andrea from Reading Toward the Stars. My 2nd graders tried out four of her wonderful products and we enjoyed them all! (Yes, it's true! I couldn't just pick one.)

I was excited to meet Andrea and find out that she is from my home state of Virginia. And not only that, she lives a hop, skip, and a jump away from my father's hometown! Andrea is a Reading Specialist and will be trying out a few of my products on some students she works with.

Each product was a game that my kids played in a small group.
St. Patrick's Day Context Clues Game
Cause and Effect Concentration 
Main Idea and Detail Concentration
Poppin' Fact or Opinion Game

Here are some photos of my 2nd graders using her four products.

You know a game is a keeper when kids ask to play it again the next day or the next week! And yes, this happened!

If I have to focus on one I would say that our all-time favorite is the St. Patrick's Day Context Clues Game! This game is a must have!!! What a great game for this time of year with St. Patrick's Day approaching. It's a great learning game or review game to use with your students. And I just have to say that my class does not play enough games. We need more games like this one! Keep em' coming Andrea!
Here is how it works. The player draws a card and reads the sentence. Then the player figures out what the bold word means. If he is right, he rolls his dice and moves that many spaces. First one to make it to the end wins! One awesome thing I love is that there are answer key cards! Woo-hoo! (Cause sometimes the teacher is tired and needs an answer key. LOL)
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  1. These games sound awesome! I love your pictures. Thank you for sharing this blog.

  2. I simply think the product is so cute, but soo practicle. Context clues are such a vauble source of reading power. This is such a great way to practice!!

  3. Your kids look like they really enjoyed using all of the games! These are all games that just get used over and over again in my groups. Thanks for sharing it with everyone!

    Reading Toward the Stars

  4. What a great product and how awesome that you got to try out 4!
    The Take Home Teacher

  5. Looks like they had a great time with the games!

  6. Looks like a great pack of activities! Perfect for second graders.

  7. What a fun unit! Thanks for a great blog post and thanks for joining the swap! I hope you had fun with it! :)