Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy New Year! Let's Get Organized!

I have linked up with The Elementary Entourage for some great ideas for getting organized in our classrooms!  I am normally an organized person, but I must admit that sometimes this is a struggle for me because I went from teaching in a large classroom to a tiny one.  I have to tell you that was really hard!  My husband had to build shelves in our garage so I could keep tubs of my teaching stuff in them!  Anything that isn't used year around or is for a grade level I am no longer in is stored in those tubs.  I used to not have to do that.  I used to have everything with me in my classroom.  I knew where it all was and I could grab it at a moments notice.  Then the tiny classroom came.  (sigh)

Anyways, I would like to share with you my class notebook that I keep every year.  Each one of my students is assigned a number.  Their mailboxes, where I put their papers, have numbers and this notebook has tabs with numbers.  That way I don't have to write names from year to year.  I only assign numbers. They write their numbers next to their names on all their papers.  This has been such an improvement! Behind each child's number I keep everything I need for documentation.  
These forms would include parent contact forms, behavior documentation, communication log, conference forms, permission slips, etc...Everything is there.  If I need to contact a parent or the principal needs some information I just grab that notebook.

These documents are sold in my store in a variety of themes.  Ladybug and Pirate seem to be neck and neck as the all time favorites! Just click here to check them out in my store!

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  1. Hi Lynn!
    I love those forms! I am not organized at ALL so your motivating me to get my act together! :) Thanks for linking up with us!!
    Melissa from Mrs. Dailey's Classroom