Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Little Seats!!!

I have a coworker, Marjorie, who has a fantastic creative streak in her!  Whenever one of her children has a birthday she plans the most elaborate and creative parties!  She really should go into the party business!  (She could make bundles and bundles of money in the party planning!)

Marjorie is a kindergarten teacher this year.  Her creativity has flowed from those birthday parties right into her classroom!  She made the most adorable little seats!  Marjorie said they were so simple to make.  She created them in a variety of patterns and colors.  It really brightens up her classroom!  

The materials she used:
assorted crates in different colors
a piece of wood cut to fit the top
fluffy batting 
assorted fabric 
staple gun

Adorable!  Adorable!  Adorable!

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