Thursday, August 15, 2013

Banners! Banners! Banners!

Now that you have made a banner, let's move on and make a side column banner for your TpT store!

I am LOVING all the wonderful banners that my fellow TpT sellers have made!  They are colorful, creative, and fun!  I am so happy that I could help so many fellow teachers create a banner easily and quickly.  Sometimes technology is our best friend, while other times we want to throw those computers off a high rise building!!!

So, if you have made a banner for your store, you are probably ready to make a side column banner.  I don't see many fellow sellers with side banners and that may be because they are unsure of the size.  Well, don't worry!  I took that problem out of the equation!  I created a template, just as I did with the top banner.  The directions are the same.  Have fun decorating your side column banner!  I look forward to seeing  the finished products.  (Oh and by the way, you can find the templates for both the top and side banners in my TpT store or click below.  You can also find a blog banner template if you are creating one for your blog!)

Click here for side banner template for your TpT store
Click here for top banner template for your TpT store

Here is a picture of my side banner.

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