Thursday, June 20, 2013

Making a Banner

Need to make a banner for your TpT store?  Here is the template and directions to take the guesswork out and make it an easy fun project!

Click here to go to Banner Template

Here is what you do:
1) Save the blank template to your computer. That way you always have it to make new banners as you wish.
2) Open the banner and rename it something like 'banner1'.
3) Decorate your banner! You can change the background color, add text and do whatever you like. To get ideas take a look at banners at other TpT stores. There are some really nice ideas out there!
4) When you're done save your banner again, but this time as a jpeg file. The jpeg file will be placed in your pictures. (For some computers, you have to tell it to place it in your pictures file)
5) Log into TpT and click on 'My TpT' in the right hand corner.
6) Scroll down and under 'Marketing and Promotion' click on 'Dress up your store'.
7) Under 'Profile Page Leader Board' click browse and find your banner. Remember to find the jpeg of your banner.
8) Below it choose one of your products to link your banner to. Some people choose a free product while others choose their most expensive one. It's up to you. (You cannot link to a blog or outside webpage).
9) Click save changes. After TpT approves your banner it will be placed on your store.

Enjoy your new banner!

1 comment:

  1. I AM enjoying the banner! After months of trying to create this, you have helped me succeed with it! I am thrilled to have it in my store. Thank you for providing the template.
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