My Favorite Things!

I'm not just a teacher!

Sometimes we get so caught up in our teaching lives that we forget to give some attention to the hobbies we love. I am guilty of that. I used to read, cross-stitch, quilt, and bike ride much more than I do now. I hate how time goes by and I have not picked up those things I love to do. I hate to say it, but sometimes teaching sucks the energy and time out of me. This summer, however, I was determined to get a quilt pinned and ready for its final stages. I made this quilt top a few years ago. It shows jars of different fruits and veggies. It will hang beautifully in my kitchen. My mother helped me pin it because, I must confess, the final stages of quilting are not my favorite. I enjoy creating the tops the best.

While I was home, my mother and I went through her quilts. She has many. I love this owl one so we decided to take some photos to show off her work. I love owls! I have taught my students about owls and they are fascinating birds. 

The creativity doesn't end there! While at my sister's house I snapped this photo in her guest bathroom. She added the tree herself. I love it! She has become very creative embellishing the house, her daughter's clothes, and last year's Easter baskets. If my kids were still little I would have her do some for me.

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